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Thank you to all that Helped at our host weekend!

BDL Weather Contingency Plan

FAQ about BDL's decision to cancel or hold games
How do we decide to cancel games?
The primary decision for us to postpone BDL/BADL games comes from the host communities schools administration. If they make the decision to close their schools we have to postpone games. Additionally, we will monitor and lean on our weekend hosts to give us an accurate representation of what they are seeing in their area to make decisions on games as well.

Would we delay start to days if weather report, road report, school admin, etc dictate that it would be a viable option?
Yes this could happen and depending how full the sites are we would possibly shorten the game times to get the entire days schedule of games in.

Can some sites be cancelled and some continue?
This is a possibility depending on where a storm tracks.

What happens to the games if they are postponed?
We will attempt to make the games up by working with the host schools gym availability. If they can't host we will reach out to other members to see if anyone else can host. We are getting close to end of year tournaments so we could move games into those slots and then move the tournament back to the next available weekends. If after exploring all options we can't fit the games in we do reserve the right to not reschedule them. The few times this did happen we have been able to get all the games.


The DeForest Area Youth Boys Basketball Club (DAYBBC) was established to work with youth boys on basketball skills while incorporating fun, sportsmanship and leadership  .  DAYBBC is an  organization that sponsors the 3rd grade through 8th grade boys’ basketball program in the DeForest Area School District. 

Interested in coaching boys' youth basketball?

Interested in coaching youth basketball?

If you are interested in coaching this up coming season, head coach or assistant coach, please email Club Vice President Wade Soczka.

Please provide any background or coaching experience that would be relevant for consideration of your coaching role with the club.  

Note: Background checks are performed yearly for all coaches, the club pays for the costs of the background checks.


Neil Galvin


Phone: 608-358-3220